Texas + Oaxaca Hot Sauce Duo
Texas + Oaxaca Hot Sauce Duo
Clark + Hopkins

Texas + Oaxaca Hot Sauce Duo

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2-packs are housed in a snazzy earth-friendly presentation box + bonus recipe sampler! 

** OAXACA ** Smoky mezcal, sun dried peppers, habaneros, ghost pepper and Mexican chocolate provide for a spicy mole based sauce inspired by the region's gastro-historical center. Oaxaca adds a splash of Mexico to any recipe!

Pair with: tacos, tamales, grilled meats, burgers, or added to your favorite chili recipe. Heat:  7/10

** TEXAS ** We took on Texas with a curious appetite for barbecue. After touring the Lone Star state, we chose serranos, cucumbers and brisket rub to represent the essence of Texas. Pair with: barbecued meats, grilled vegetables, tacos, pulled pork and eggs. Heat:  5/10

*Made in United States of America