Master of Magic Socks

Master of Magic Socks

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*Imagine these socks appearing in a puff of smoke and there are cool lights and fire and a man with shiny clothing gesturing toward them vaguely while a sports car driven by a white tiger appears in a cage just behind the socks, providing an extravagant backdrop to match their exuberant design prowess.*

Legerdemain is a fancy shmancy word for slight of hand with French origin. We don't know what slight of foot would be called, but we made these socks anyway. You can give them as a gift to your magical wizard friends or buy them for yourself so you can experience the magic of quality foot clothing. Make your insecurities disappear!

Combed Cotton/Nylon/Spandex SO SOFT, SO FANCY

DOUBLE TERRY in the heel and toe area Adds durability and comfort where most novelty sock brands fail.  High Thread Count Like fancy sheets for your feets

One Size Fits Most Humans Size 5-13