Death Before Decaf Slippers

Death Before Decaf Slippers

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These 'Death Before Decaf' slippers are comfy with a fleece (100% polyester) upper and black TPR sole. These slippers feature our coffee centric artwork embroidered across the fronts. They can be washed by hand or machine.


XS (37-38) US Womens 6/7 - US Mens 5/6

S (39-40) US Womens 8/9 - US Mens 7/8

M (41-42) US Womens 10/10.5 - US Mens 8.5/9

L (43-44) US Womens 11.5/12.5 - US Mens 9.5/10

**If you're in between sizes, order a size up!

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