Pocket Latte Coffee Nuts, Coffee chocolate coated Almonds, Mocha and sea salt, Sold At Le monkey House
Pocket Latte

Coffee Nuts

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Pocket Latte coffee nuts are chocolate-coated almonds, made with their signature Pocket Latte® coffee-infused chocolate. Each pouch equals one cup of coffee.

No Synthetic Caffeine - 100% Arabica Coffee - Non-GMO Project Verified - No Shiny Glaze - Vegan - Kosher Certified - Gluten/Soy/Palm Oil-Free - 100% Natural - Supports Disadvantaged Single Moms across America

Ingredients: Almond, Pocket Latte Coffee Blend™ (Cocoa Butter, 100% Arabica Coffee, Natural Caffeine from Coffee Bean), Non-GMO Cane Sugar, Cashew, Natural Sea Salt, Sunflower Lecithin.

1.05 Ounce Bag

Made in United States of America

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