Cedarwood Beard & Stache Balm
Cedarwood Beard & Stache Balm
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Cedarwood Beard & Stache Balm

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☆ Increase Strength & Volume ☆ Shine ☆ Hydrate

If you’re going to grow a beard, grow a damn good one. Strong and unbreakable. It ain’t how hard you can hit it’s how hard you can be hit and still get up. Be a man who can take a knockdown and still come out swinging. Eat lightning. Crap thunder. Be a winner. Have the best beard because that’s who you are.

INSTRUCTIONS: Scoop desired amount and rub balm between your fingers to soften. Generously apply to beard or mustache, massaging into the skin for peak performance. Comb or brush to style. 2 fl.oz.

Made in United States of America

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